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How am I able to make a difference using Lifesaver?

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Discover nearby businesses that match your values

Lifesaver will recommend and curate restaurants and retailers who support the same causes you believe in. Where you spend your hard earned cash should align with your values. It’s our version of guilt-free spending.

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Perks for shopping with principle

Now you can cash in on shopping with your conscience. For every dollar you spend using Lifesaver, you’ll unlock exclusive benefits and discounts just for shopping at the places you love. Get the perks you deserve for being more socially conscious with your wallet.

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See the power of your dollar

It’s easier than ever to see how your spending is driving a positive impact in the world. Using Lifesaver’s Impact Reporting feature, you can track every dollar you spend and see how your spending impacts the world over time.

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Lifesaver Stories

“I've been trying to wean myself off of online retailers... And by online retailers, I mean Amazon. I recently moved and Lifesaver was able to help me find new small business spots I love...for food and for retail.”

- Alex E.

“If I was searching for something, like a local business on Google Maps....there was no real way for me to know if it was new or not, if it was truly local business or something I had never heard of before. And none of the online systems tell you much if anything about the social impact a business has and if they share similar beliefs.”

- Nick H.

“If I'm choosing between two small businesses, they both have good reviews, and one of them I know is founded by a woman, I'm going to go there. But until Lifesaver there was no easy way of knowing for sure…”

- Kate R.

“Now with Lifesaver, you get to learn a little bit more about buying local, and that goes straight into people that you care about, to your community. And it's good to be more aware of where your money goes. I'm excited to see how my impact builds over time with the app.”

- Jannea L.

Top Facts

Every dollar you spend at a small business cost 25% less carbon.

Re-invest back into your community by connecting with value-aligned people and businesses.

Donate your rewards to causes you care about. Or just treat yourself for making better choices.

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About us

Our mission is to give back to those who pay it forward.

To start a movement to keep cash local and create economic opportunities for more people. As a woman-led team of diverse creatives and former finance professionals, we are deeply passionate about supporting the establishments that bring life, vibrancy and culture to communities across the country.

We believe that creating impact should not only be easy but also rewarding.

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